Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm Fixin' to...

I'm finally getting around to using this account that I created about two years ago.

In the interim, I've been an occasional contributor at IdeaPlay and a frequent reader (and sometime commentator) at The Scientific Activist and History Post . While these, along with CNN International Edition , , and The Eagle, have provided me with good opportunities to process and discuss current events, I find myself more and more interested in writing about these issues (alas, the good old days of dialogue at Texags are long-gone).

My interests span religion (specifically Eastern Orthodoxy), politics/social commentary, literature, hip hop, race studies, and giftedness/creativity. Accordingly, my posts will probably fall under one or more of these headings.

A final note about the title of the blog, "Fixin' a Hole...," is a reference to the Beatles' song by Paul McCartney. In the song, Paul describes what amounts to efforts to stay in "flow" (a concept described by Csikszentmihalyi). Borrowing that idea, these are the efforts that I'm making at reducing partisan, racist noise and creating conditions that are congenial to the pursuit of peace.

Please enjoy and comment as appropriate.


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