Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Meaning of Names

I love that my name combines the two best friends in the Bible. I've grown up knowing this, and that my name meant something to the effect of "a Friend from God."

With the new addition to our family (and mulling new boy names since we've used both of our pre-selected boy names!), I wanted to see how well our names fit us.

I surfed over to and found out what each of our names mean. The results are startlingly accurate, I thought:

Jonathan (the LORD has given) David (Beloved) - Beloved given by God

Sarah (lady or princess) Ashley (ash tree clearing) - Princess of the Meadow

Anthony (similar to Greek “anthos” - flower) Noah (rest, comfort) - The Flower of our Comfort

Samuel (God has heard) Isaac (he laughs) - The Lord has heard my Joy

As alluded earlier, we had pre-selected two boy names and two girl names (and decided the order in which these were to be conferred). The two girl names are:

Ashley (ash tree clearing) Marie (love) - Love in the Open

Emma (whole or universal) Elizabeth (my God is abundance) - My abundance is from God

The closest we've come to picking another boy name is below. Ashley liked the name Ashton, and I have promised to consider Robert if we ever have another boy:

Robert (bright fame) Ashton (ash tree town)- Well-known in the Woods

 Update 10/6/11: Instead of Robert Ashton, Ashley has decided she likes Jacob Fionn instead (and no, we don't have immediate need for another name):

Jacob (supplanter) Fionn (fair) - Overtaken by Beauty

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